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Silverwell 1000 ppm Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Gel.

The strongest Colloidal Silver Gel available in Australia!

Large 250g (250ml) container ... $50 + $5 postage.

Most colloidal silver gel offered on the net is probably only 20 or 30 ppm. Its barely stronger than the silver water you would make to drink.

We believe that for external use you need something much stronger, but few people know how to make it or measure it. (You cannot use a meter to measure strong colloidal silver).

The only way to accurately determine the silver content is by using Faradays Law of Electrolysis. Thats how WE do it.

Our Colloidal Silver is 1000 ppm Guaranteed! Its a rich grey color, not clear as water like some gels. We think its the ultimate, all purpose skin repair. Available now in big 250 gram (250ml) pots.

Faradays Law of Electrolysis...
m (ppm) is the mass of the substance liberated at an electrode in grams
Q is the total electric charge passed through the substance in coulombs
F = 96485 C mol-1 is the Faraday Constant.
M is the molar mass of the substance in grams per mol.
z is the valency number of ions of the substance (electrons transferred per ion).

Colloidal Silver Gel Kits... $25

If you would prefer to make your own gel just add these ingredients to your own home-made colloidal silver water. Makes up to 3 litres of colloidal silver gel. Its cool, soothing, non greasy, and more convenient than plain silver water in some circumstances.

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