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It's current controlled to make clear, stable colloidal silver that's rich in isolated ions and small particles!

Customer Comments.

Many thanks to all the customers who provide feedback. Its illegal for us to print testimonials about specific health conditions - although we get plenty, and its useful to hear them - but we can print the testimonials about our products and service.

So glad I bought it.
The Silverwell is a fabulous, user friendly generator. I was so amazed at how quickly I got back on top as soon as I started nebulising CS. Before that, nothing was working for me. Thanks for your time and assistance. So glad I bought it.
J.M., Mt Evelyn Vic.

Very happy with the service. Excellent product, and the instructions that come with the Generator and Gel Kit are very clear and comprehensive. Easy to use website and ordering facility. Quick post. Very helpful customer service. I am, and will be a return customer!!
M.R. Beaudesert. QLD.

I tell everyone about your product. Hard to convert people but with time it will happen!!! :)
D.C. Somerton. VIC.

Everything is good about this product. The generator is excellent, the price is very good and delivery time was only a few days. I also appreciate the detailed customer support on their web site in regards to all sorts of colloidal silver information. I highly recommend this company and their products. I am getting excellent results with Moores ultrapure water and SWAP mode setting on the generator. I use 2 auto cycles and get a very clear 15ppm solution.
M.A. Berowra. N.S.W.

Excellent in every way. I appreciated your speedy processing of my order and especially your patient, unhurried willingness to handle my questions by phone. Thanks a million.
D.S. Whyalla. SA.

Just a word of encouragement and congratulations for your website. My wife and I have been involved with natural medicine for most of our lives and for a very long time CS is part of our arsenal to stay healthy. Obviously we have not taken any pharmaceuticals in decades and we are both in the mid fifties and healthy. I have researched hundreds if not thousands of websites and many CS websites. Often I feel that the people selling CS equipment, or more often finished CS products, are – very unfortunately – trying to make easy money and use sensational language to attract buyers. That – I am sure you aree – is not helping our cause. Your website provides sound information to the public and while you sell a product it is transparent, honest and despite the limitations imposed by all sorts of government agencies a very informative site. Well done and all the best.
D.N. Hunter Valley. N.S.W.

Having a fantastic product is one thing, but being able to back it up with absolutely fantastic service is another. I truly wish your team all the very best success, and will continue to recommend the Silver Well to anyone who will listen! Thank you so very much.
C.B. Auckland. N.Z.

I have bought off-the shelf Colloidal Silver for ten years and have purchased a couple of generators previously and can honestly say that nothing can compare to the Colloidal Silver I can now produce with your generator. It has already saved me hundreds of dollars
T.X. Weetangera. A.C.T.

Honest, prompt service and most of all very good value for money. As a Licence maintenance plumber I go into many different homes. There is not a week that goes by that I do not tell some about colloidal silver and In my work I constantly cut or take skin off my hands dealing with all kinds of drains etc. I am aware of virus and bugs I could catch. So I keep a spray bottle of Silver Colloid in my truck and spray cuts etc right away.
T.W. Caloundra. QLD.

I am totally satisfied with service and wont hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
D.A. Brisbane. QLD.

When I decided to purchase a Generator I researched the various brands available and am pleased to say I am totally satisfied with my decision to go with the Silver Well product. I also highly recommend the TDS meter, I would not be without it and it is so well priced compared to other brands..
J.N. Stanmore Bay. N.Z.

This is a great machine, and so easy to operate. I've had great sucess with it.
E.C. Halfway Creek. N.S.W.

We are really happy with the generator we purchased, have to buy one now for the Father in law! We also had good success with our sick puppies with Parvo, (you may remember I phoned you regarding them a while ago) three out of four of them survived after dosing them up with colloidal silver, the vet was amazed, he had never heard of it.
R.S. Sarina. QLD.

Many Thanks!
After reading on your site a few weeks ago that it is recommended the CS be taken neat and held in the mouth before swallowing, I have stopped having it in my juice as I had always done. I can't believe the difference it makes. Many thanks! (An order for 2 kits followed).
P.S. Waterloo. N.S.W.

Please, please PLEASE keep doin' what you're doin'. I have been much healthier since I started drinking silver water.
P.E. Caversham. W.A.

I have bought several generators from David including one for the UK, which all arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I would recommend this company to anyone.
T.W. Caloundra West QLD.

I had been making good quality cs with a homemade setup which ended up quite high tech and very time consuming. The Silverwell makes things so much easier.
I.B. Upper Hutt. N.Z..

I've purchased two other colloidal generators before but this Silver Well is simply the best I've seen. Good price and great service. Good work guys!!
W.M. Neutral Bay N.S.W.

Very prompt service and delivery of goods which arrived well packed with zero damage and fully operational. No problems. 10/10.
T.W. Strathalbyn S.A.

I am glad that we purchased these items. The full system gives us so much control over the production of CS, and ultimately over our health, with comparatively little extra cost. We could not do without the Silver Well. Thank you for your service and for bringing this valuable product to us.
R.S. Heidelburg Vic.

Great gear. Have converted me from homemade D.I.Y. designs which I loved, but full automation is the way to go for me now.
N.C. Mt Barker S.A.

I demonstrated my Silver Well generator to local friends and gave them a sample of colloidal silver. They ordered their own Silver Well immediately.
M.M. Daylesford VIC.

The product arrived quicker than I expected (as I live in NZ) was well packaged and came with good instructions. I am very happy with my Silverwell generator which is quicker and easier compared to the type I have previously used. My husband and I take about a shot glass full each morning and night. I also make the gel and put it on any and everything.
A.S. Hawke's Bay N.Z.

Great site. Great service. Very happy.
S.M. Greenwood W.A.

Very efficient...Replies to e-mails... Goes into depth and takes time to explain. Well done, keep up the good work and strive to keep the prices affordable.
S.R. Wannaup W.A.

The Gel kit is as good as the generator. I am very happy with their performance .
P.L. Richmond N.S.W.

I have been aware of CS for several years, but am now sold on how effective it is. Its an amazing product that is not getting its due because it is not patentable. The second edition of my book Grow Youthful (due mid-2007) will have a new section "Colloidal Silver - the Miracle Cure". Have a look at
David Niven Miller. W.A.

Fantastic service!
I've had great success with my CS machine! I've managed to reduce my dependency on my other lotions, creams and tablets. I make a normal batch of CS product and then split the product into two containers. I drink two thirds of the product and then boost the remainder and use it as an aftershave solution
A.C. Chatswood N.S.W.

Excellent service
All is working well. Thank you. I have suffered with a ongoing nasal problem for many years. Since taking Colloidal Silver I seem to have avoided any infection although I have not changed my lifestyle in any way. Looks good!!!!
S.P. Meringandam. QLD.

Great to have such excellent service. I do not know how I would survive without the colloidal silver now. I eat organic food too so I am not poisoning my body with chemicals, never been so healthy.
E.E. Petone N.Z..

I was really impressed with the fact that you gave me info for making my CS at home when it would have been more profitable for you to recommend that I just buy one of your generators. Your response to my questions were so helpful and your practices are so ethical that if I need to obtain something and I find it cheaper elsewhere, I'd still choose to buy from silverwell as I feel confident that I'll get the advice and support that I need and not just recommendations to buy everything in your stock. Thanks for being around.
J.L. Mornington. Vic.

Over the moon...
Thank you for your outstanding service. I’m over the moon with the Silver Well. After battling with a 9V battery style generator I am amazed at how easy the process can be when you have great tools!
G.M. Caringbah N.S.W.

Bought 2 Silver Wells. Real neat service! We have been combining Mannatech.s glyconutrients and colloidal silver to treat (deleted). Refer to articles on Hypercoagulation. Penetration qualities of silver .... with the support of the glyco nutrients, results are amazing!!!
J.M. Ballina N.S.W.

Excellent to deal with. Any questions have been answered very quickly for making top quality CS. Many thanks. I have had nothing but positive comments back from the samples I have handed out.
D.B. Tauranga N.Z.

The service was quick and professional, and the website is excellent. The information is clear and straight forward and the links are useful too...Colloidal Silver is magic stuff, in my opinion. It's my intention to see it made much more available to many more people, and I hope that one day in the not-too-distant future, it will re-enter the mainstream. Keep up the good work.
R.P. Alexandra N.Z.

Very good service, with a very good instruction booklet supplied making it easy to start making coloidal silver.
R.B. Hamilton. N.Z.

Arrived promptly, works perfectly ....Fantastic stuff...Thanks for a great product
B.W. Ballina N.S.W.

Wonderful customer service - my query was replied to promptly and courteously.
E.K. Heywood VIC.

I really love my Silver Well colloidal silver maker. It is so easy to use. I have recommended it to some of my friends as well. After all my web research on these types of makers, yours is the best quality and very user friendly. Thanks for a great product!!
C.D.W. Christchurch. N.Z.

I was using a Sota Instruments device previously but I find the Silver Well product superior. It also helps to have the ppm device to know how strong the solution is. I usually aim for 25-35ppm and take 60ml morning and night.
S.T. Chatswood N.S.W.

Hi, just a few lines to say how pleased I am with my machine, got 2 litres brewing as I write, still can't get over the set and forget, its too easy, results have been consistent on TDS meter showing 10ppm every time, yes I know about the fudge factor, what a bonus. Ex wife is finally convinced, you should have an order from her in the near future.
Best wishes..a happy customer. Sydney NSW.

I would strongly recomend to anybody planning to use colloidal silver to learn the principles of kinesiology so you can ask the body which would be the appropriate dose each time. It is astonishing how the body knows how much it needs each day.
C.A. Maleny QLD.

All items are as described and work well. I will definitely buy again from this seller and recommend them to anyone.
F.K. Frankston. Vic.

No hassles, everything just as they promised.
D.L. Ashgrove. QLD.

The instructions that come with the Colloidal Generator are clear and precise, so that producing the colloidal silver is a breeze. Very good alround ! I recommend the product and Australian Colloidal Silver Generators without hesitation.
M.S. Mackay. QLD.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to all of my friends.(The instruction book is doing the rounds as we speak & hopefully there will be further sales in it for you) I now have my 2nd batch of C/S on & the instructions provided are idiot proof (even for me!!). Thanks again for your assistance, it is good to see we still have some fair dinkum people left in Australia.
P.L. Richmond. N.S.W.

I have a Silverwell CS generator and am extremely pleased with it. Everything works exactly as you say - your site is fantastic, and delivery is really fast.
G.T. Downer. A.C.T.

Recommend to anyone.
H.C. Gundagai. N.S.W.

My partner and I were impressed with the speed that the Silver Generator was sent. We are also impressed with the compact design of the machine and how easy it is to use. The product is great. We have told several of our friends about it and recommended that they try .
W.S. Tarampa QLD.

Prompt delivery for a product which does all it claimed. I am very happy with the generator as it works as I expected it to.
J.D. Nerang QLD.

More than happy with the quality of the product and the service. There is a lot more than meets the eye to Colloidal Silver, but this machine makes it simple. The instructions are very easy to understand and before you know it, for a few dollars, you`ll be producing litres of clear high quality Colloidal Silver.
G.T. Coutts Crossing N.S.W.

Great product and lightning fast delivery. Very impressed; there should be more online businesses like this!
D.W. Perth W.A.

In general my health has improved,I have no set amount but a slug out of the bottle when I feel the urge does the trick for me. Keep it simple, many thanks.
A.B. D'Aguilar. QLD.

Wonderful communication and product. Many more orders to follow.
J.L. Forster. N.S.W.

I received my order quick smart. David answered my questions promptly. Australian Colloidal Silver Generators set an example for how an internet store should be run.
S.M. Caboolture QLD

Great shopping experience! Highly recommended!
D.G. Queenscliffe NSW.

Love your machine. I can't get results anywhere near yours with my old system without furry rods and yellow colloids. Keith is just as happy with his.
T.H. Sydney NSW.

Delivery and response to small problem was very prompt. Item performed as described and quality is of a high standard. I have already recommended to friends.
M.A. Lesmurdie WA.

Les. Coolum QLD

Packaged well...Received in timely manner.. Professional product.No problems.
S.J. Robina QLD.

G.C. Noranda WA.

R.E. Mandurah WA.

Excellent site - good information - happy to deal with these people again
Catherine. Wellington NZ.

Just got a new computer, looking at your site. Seems like all the bodgy contraptions (on the DIY designs page) are everything I had tried and made over the years. Nothing comes close to your machine for consistent PPM and ease of use. Very pleased with product and service, thanks again for the new power pack and spare rods.
Tony. Sydney. NSW

Quick service, great rods, good price.
M.W. Underwood WA.

Very quick delivery with helpful information included. Questions emailed were very professionally and personally answered. Thank you for a great product and your kind reply.
Carolyn. Christchurch NZ.

Kate. North Rocks NSW.

Faster than expected delivery, is very helpful and answers all emails promptly.
G.L. Armidale N.S.W

Neville. Boolara VIC.

1st class service, with excellent back up.
Arthur. Benowa QLD.

Results are a lot more more pure than over the counter product from Health Food Shops.
Geoffrey. Hervey Bay. QLD.

Sandra. Bowraville NSW

Goods were sent the same day as ordered. Good service.
Ian. Launceston TAS.

Thanks for a great generator, it is everything that you stated and more. Service was also great, quick and friendly. I have recommended you guys to my friends.
Samantha. Sydney NSW

Service was good. The goods arrived sooner than expected. Thank you.
John. Bluewater QLD.

The goods arrived well packed and within 2 days of the order being placed. I am pleased with the service and the product.
Dennis. Chatswood NSW.

There was a TDS Meter malfunction, but they quickly rectified the matter without any fuss and even responded with a gift in kind for any inconvenience. Everything is working very well (same as on web page) the business is truly great to deal with.
Greg. Devonport TAS

Good fast service with a product that lives up to its claims.
Doug. Mornington VIC.

Best generator on the planet.
Mary. Hervey Bay QLD

John. (Repeat buyer). Bluewater QLD.

Extremely well designed little device which performed according to its specifications. Instructions and explanations were clear and easy to understand. I had already introduced it to friends who ordered theirs at the same time. I can recommend it for its purpose without reservation.
Grant. Auckland NZ.

Thanks for great email support and excellent delivery.
Andrew. Tumut NSW.


John. Mullumbimby NSW.

Great business to deal with, good service, can recommend to others
H.K. Jamestown SA.

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This is a bit different. I received the following unsolicited email from Lynda Staker....

Dear Silverwell ,

I have been using colloidal silver now for about 20 years and have always advised others to use it for themselves and/or their animals. I bought your generator a few years back now and have advised many wildlife carers to purchase your products ever since.

I wanted you to know that I have advertised your products in my new manuals (and also my previous ones) which are titled Macropod Husbandry, Healthcare and Medicinals. This is the most comprehensive husbandry manual on macropods (kangaroo families) available. My manuals are printed here in Australia and also in Europe and Canada, and are thus far are used in facilities in 26 countries.

We have had incredible outcomes using colloidal silver for many, many ailments that our animals contract; with great successes treating many types of anaerobic bacteria and in wound healing. It is fabulous in wiping out Clostridia difficile which is resistant to all man made antibiotics, and whereas our kangaroos used to eventually die with this condition, they are now all surviving after only 48 hours of treating with colloidal silver and enhancing their gut flora, in conjunction with dietary changes. This condition occurs due to the incorrect feeding of macropods, which creates an imbalance in their gut flora, that in turn permits clostridia difficile to take over.\

In the past we had only used oral Chloramphenicol or injectable Gentamycin to treat otitis, (inner ear infections) and it took up to 2 months of treatment. Recently I suggested to a carer who had a red joey with otitis, to try using one drop of Colloidal silver four times per day in the affected ear. After only 4 days of administering Colloidal silver directly into the affected ear, there was no sign of the infection!

This is an absolute breakthrough and so easy to administer. No more oral antibiotics or injections!

I take colloidal silver twice per day myself... (edited due to TGA regulations).

It is such a shame that there are so many close-minded people out there who don’t accept that colloidal silver has a major role in treatment of ailments and various conditions.

I just wanted you to be aware of the immense success we are having using this product.

 In appreciation,
Kind regards
Lynda Staker

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Here are Lynda's publications. You can search for her references to 'colloidal silver' by typing that term into the search box on the centre left of the pages...

The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods.

Macropod Husbandry ,Healthcare and Medicinals. Volumes 1 and 2.

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I asked Lynda if I could use her comments on my website and also asked her about her publications...

Hello David,

I am so glad our experiences have interested you!

 Yes, it was a massive amount of work which took me 5 years to compile. I am very proud of the manuals (which are my legacy) as they are, I feel, the most comprehensive work on macropods available, containing over 1,000 pages and published in two volumes. They are complimented with over 3,000 coloured photographs. The photographs are critical since we are all visual learners and they stay in our minds longer than text.

I would be happy for you to use my statements on your site, it may help others realize how important colloidal silver is in assisting in our animals’ good health.

Regards Lynda


And here's a recent email from one of Lyndas fellow animal carers....

Hi David

Thank you so much for sending the silver cream so quickly it was much appreciated.

I rescued a joey a couple of weeks ago that is completely bald from losing her mum and trying to survive in the wild alone. Lynda Staker thinks it is nutritional fur loss. She was in an appalling state. She appeared to have been sunburnt and her face and chest and her feet had become very cracked and sore.

I have applied the cream 3 times so far and have noticed a huge improvement in the cracking and soreness.

I have sent through a photo of how bad her face was and will send through further updates.

Once again thank you.

Phyllis Facey (Jan. 2021)

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