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Silverwell 1000 ppm Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Gel.

The strongest Colloidal Silver Gel available in Australia!

Large 250g (250ml) container ... $50 + $5 postage.

Most colloidal silver gel offered on the net is probably only 20 or 30 ppm. Its barely stronger than the silver water you would make to drink.

We believe that for external use you need something much stronger, but few people know how to make it or measure it. (You cannot use a meter to measure strong colloidal silver).

The only way to accurately determine the silver content is by using Faradays Law of Electrolysis. Thats how WE do it.

Our Colloidal Silver is 1000 ppm Guaranteed! Its a rich grey color, not clear as water like some gels. We think its the ultimate, all purpose skin repair for infections, cuts, bites, scratches, itches, rashes, burns and more. It's totally non-greasy and absorbs and dries quickly.

Available now in big 250 gram (250ml) pots.

Faradays Law of Electrolysis...
m (ppm) is the mass of the substance liberated at an electrode in grams
Q is the total electric charge passed through the substance in coulombs
F = 96485 C mol-1 is the Faraday Constant.
M is the molar mass of the substance in grams per mol.
z is the valency number of ions of the substance (electrons transferred per ion).

"Wow amazing product. Forget the rest. Stubborn infection clearing up in a day"

"Absolutely great product. Much more than I was expecting. Works"

"Thank you. Excelent product. I've had it 2 days and its working already"

"Cleared up my daughters psoriasis in THREE DAYS! Miracle cream - worth every cent."

"My father has a skin issue and so far this is the only product that helps him. I have just ordered another jar for him before he goes on holiday."

"This stuff should be called miracle cream."

"Absolutely works like magic! If I eat dairy everyday, i develop a rash in odd places on my body... nothing works better or faster than your Silver gel, and i make my own water now."

Just to let you know the silver worked on my friends leg ulcer "like a miracle". She has had chemo treatment so her immune system is shot, that's why the infection took a hold but your silver cream kicked its ass and she was able to walk on it and sleep after many days of not being able to despite receiving medical treatment for it. I asked you to get it there quick and you did and I can't thank you enough for that".

"Just a note to let you know the 1000ppm colloidal silver gel you sent me has done wonders for my psoriasis in just a couple of days. I'm very pleased with it."

"Congratulations on an INCREDIBLE HEALING PRODUCT. I am currently on chemotherapy. Due to this condition I am a Stoma bag wearer. The chemotherapy caused my skin to go soft. My bag uses three very sticky seals and, on swapping out the bag, it caused my skin to lift on removal of these seals causing very painful welts. I've been very liberally putting your silver mix on these welts for the past 2 weeks with amazing results. NO MORE WELTS and a clear skin like never before. This silver gel cream is a godsend and I completely recommend this to anyone with major skin problems. Keep up the good work Silverwell and congrats on a truly great product. Many many thanks."

"Great product, about time someone made it right. Thank you again."

"Using an extra sharp box cutter, I slipped and plunged the blade slicing the finger nail and flesh approximately 6mm straight down the middle of the finger tip. Blood everywhere, it did not want to stop. Grabbed paper napkins washed it with water leaving it to run, whilst compressing the two parts, then wrapped it, waiting for it to stop bleeding and to congeal, which eventually it did. I then applied the Silver Gel with band aids to keep the two sides together. Silver Gel application was twice to thrice daily. End result was virtually nil mark, nil bacteria etc. The flesh healed very well, with the finger nail taking longer to grow out then the finger to heal. A Doctor's visit for a different issue resulted in the comment 'That needed a Tetnus shot, and suture glue or a suture or two, also a course of anti-biotics and specific bandaging.' The Doctor was impressed by all, from the Gel to the healing speed."

"I had half a dozen nasty keratosis growths on the backs of my hands. Lumpy, scaly things that would occasionally bleed if i knocked them. I used your gel for a few weeks, then stopped because I thought it wasn't doing anything. But then a month later I realised the keratosis had all gone. It was no coincidence. I had had these things for years. Backs of my hands are smooth again. I'm amazed".

"My wife has suffered stress eczema for over 6 months... being driven almost mad by the itching which is ongoing. Visits to doctors, psychologists, naturopath, even a spirit guide at one stage. Nothing worked. The naturopath explained that stress eczema can't be treated with ointments and unguents, you just have to live with it. We got your generator and the 1000 ppm gel for our rescue wildlife, but I figured "it can't hurt" so suggested she use some of the gel on the itching skin on her arms. One application of the gel on her arms to test. The relief was instant. 24 hours later, rash is gone, itching has stopped, she is sleeping. If Colloidal silver was a religion, I would organise the collection. Its early days yet but I will keep in touch with progress."

"I get cuts on my feet due to rough terrain walking here...apply the GEL...all gone in days. It's an amazing concoction".

have a persistent itching problem between my legs and lower abdominal area. For more than a year I tried to treat it with all sorts of anti-fungal creams. Colloidal Silver Gel seems to be the only treatment this problem does not become immune to. The gel keeps it under control although it does not get rid of it, at least so far. I rub on CS Gel several times a day and it does not develop further and is gone in a day or two".

Hi David, Can I order 3 more jars of the extra strength silver gel please, and have it sent to my address in Malaysia? My horse who has a huge tumour on his face, is improving so much since I started him on colloidal silver water and applying gel on the growth itself. His vet is completely baffled and is feeling so bad about telling me to put him down last month. Now, he's a believer too, and has asked me to give him some silver for himself!"

Colloidal Silver Gel Kits... $25

If you would prefer to make your own gel just add these ingredients to your own home-made colloidal silver water. Makes up to 3 litres of colloidal silver gel. Its cool, soothing, non greasy, and more convenient than plain silver water in some circumstances.

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