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Sorry... this product is no longer available but I'll leave the info here because you may find it useful.
Ultrasonic humidifiers that will do a similar job are available on Ebay for around $50. The key word to look for is 'Ultrasonic'. Also make sure its 240v powered.

Most people simply sip colloidal silver (CS) or use it externally, but I'm often asked if is safe to inhale. The answer is a loud yes. If you have a nebuliser then use it regularly.

But, as an alternative to a nebuliser, here's the simplest and most convenient machine I have found for inhaling colloidal silver. It's an ultrasonic humidifier. A humidifier like this is much easier to use than a conventional nebuliser. It's virtually silent and there are no fiddly parts to unpack, assemble and clean. Because its so easy to use, you will use it much more often than a machine you have to unpack every time you want to take a few breathes. Just fill it with CS and leave it set up permanently at a convenient height on a bench or shelf. To use it as a nebuliser you just put your face near the spout and take nice deep breathes through your nose and mouth for a minute or two. Or you can let it run continuously to humidify a whole room. Its so quiet you can even sleep next to it.

but I'll leave the info here for now. You may find it useful.

These humidifiers release a cool fine mist. (Its not steam). They are primarily designed for moisturising the dry air in air-conditioned high-rise apartments but they are perfect for inhaling CS. The humidifier is about 20cm tall and holds about 500mls of CS or water. Its an ideal size for personal use. (You dont need a huge machine that holds many litres of water). It turns on and off at the touch of a button or it can be programmed to turn on and off automatically. It switches off automatically when the tank runs dry.

Prior to importing these humidifiers we bought and tested a number of nebulisers with the intention of choosing one to sell on this site. But after testing those nebulisers we realised the humidifier we had already been using ourselves for nearly two years was by far the most convenient machine for inhaling CS.

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