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'Invive' brand colloidal silver is heavily promoted on the internet in strengths from 50 to 10,000 ppm. The manufacturer of Invive basically uses the argument that the more silver you pour into your body the more effective it is for you, and that any website that disputes this is 'outright lying'. What they don’t explain is that Invive particles are relatively huge so, as a consequence, you need to take very high ppm's of their product in order to obtain sufficient numbers of particles to effectively kill bacteria. By comparison, the particles and ions in electrolytic colloidal silver produced by a Silver Well are tiny, so you only need a very small silver intake to provide the same number of individual silver units.

(Click the picture above for a pdf download that dramatically displays the difference in particle sizes.)

(15 milligrams per LITRE)

Like most good quality electrolytic colloidal silver, clear Silver Well CS is about 85% ionic and 15% particles. The ions are about 1/8th of a nanometer diameter, and most of the particles are in the 40 - 140 nm range. It takes billions of silver ions and tiny particles of this size to add up to 15 milligrams of silver per litre. Now compare it to the comparatively huge size of the Invive particles. It’s pretty obvious that, even though it contains more silver in total, the 50 ppm Invive has far fewer individual silver units available to circulate and kill bacteria than the 15 ppm Silver Well Colloidal Silver. Even 10,000 ppm Invive would contain fewer silver units per litre.

INVIVE 50 ppm
(50 milligrams per LITRE)

Invive is 100% particles. It contains no ionic silver. (The latest research suggests that silver ions may be even more important as a germ killer than the silver particles). The Invive particles are so large they need to be bonded with protein so they won’t combine and sink. (Protein is a gelatin-like substance). About 60% of the silver is in particles that are over 7000 nanometers diameter. The largest of the particles may be too big to be easily absorbed, and furthermore, the insulating effect of the protein coating on all the particles may signicantly reduce the efficacy of the silver because it prevents the silver coming in direct contact with bacteria.

So the bottom line is that Silver Well electrolytic colloidal silver provides the same number of particles as Invive mild silver protein - at a much lower level of silver consumption.

SOURCE for Invive particle sizes:
The Invive particle analysis was published independently by Colloidal Science Laboratory Inc., the same laboratory that produced the particle size report for Coyote Zenterprizes, the maker of Silverpuppy and SilverWell Generators.

Note also that the analysis of the Invive product revealed that although the bottle was labeled as 50 ppm it actually contained 140 ppm. So anyone following Invive's dosage recommendations would have been taking nearly 3 times the silver they believed they were consuming.

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