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It's current controlled to make clear, stable colloidal silver that's rich in isolated ions and small particles!

Coronavirus Vs Silver Ions.
Some researchers believe silver ions are so potent against coronavirus that it's effective even
when its embedded in plastic .
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Colloidal Silver Gel as a wound dressing.
Reseach published at the US National Library of Medicine proves colloidal silver gel was effective in preventing biofilm infections caused by both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus.
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MORE RESEARCH. It's the silver ions that do it!
Rice University researchers have apparently settled a long-standing controversy over the mechanism
by which silver nanoparticles kill bacteria. It's the ions they say, not the particles that are potent.
A Silverwell makes colloidal siver thats about 85% ionic.
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Are you skeptical about colloidal silver? Are you wondering if it's
based on science, or is it just wishful thinking?
Stop wondering. Here's a list of over 100 medical and scientific documents that prove that silver has
antimicrobial properties.
Research Here.

And this recent review presents a compilation of products utilizing silver for its bactericidal
properties, patented in the decade 2007 to 2017.
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Nice! Drugs combined with silver nanoparticles are
more effective against brain-eating amoebae

A major challenge in the treatment against the infections caused by these amoebae is the discovery of novel compounds that can effectively cross the blood-brain barrier to penetrate the Central Nervous System....
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YOUTUBE VIDEO... Metals Vs Bacteria
Even before we knew what bacteria were capable of, we were using certain metals to fight them.
Hank Green explains how on this episode of SciShow. .
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EVER into the use of silver in medicine?...
'Silver Enhances Antibiotic Activity Against Gram-Negative Bacteria'.
Scientists affiliated with Boston University, Harvard University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute
have found that combining silver with anti-biotics may boost the effectiveness by 1000 times!
So far these are just laboratory experiments using mice but it sure is interesting....
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BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists discover a more complicated way
to make colloidal silver!
Maybe they should have just bought a Silver Well.
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What about claims that CS has serious side effects?
Take a few minutes to gather some simple facts.

Read why some people drink way too much silver and get argyria. The mistake they make is easy to avoid.
You've heard of Paul Karosan?..the famous Blue Man. Read what they don't tell you in the TV interviews.
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Has colloidal silver been banned in Europe?
No it hasn't, but that story has been eagerly embraced and spread by scaremongering critics of
colloidal silver. In fact colloidal silver is still available throughout Europe pretty much as it always was.
The only thing that was 'banned' was any LABELLING that described the product as a 'dietary or nutritional
supplement'. Colloidal silver was just one of dozens of alternative health products that had to change their labels
when new 'Codex Alimentarius' regulations (basically, 'food standards') were adopted in the EU on Jan 1, 2010.

Macropod (Kangaroo) Healthcare and Medicinals
Lynda Staker has put her lifes work and her life savings into these extraordinary manuals about kangaroo care, and has some very interesting comments about colloidal silver.
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And for something completely different
here's my free Tinnitus 'cure'
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Links and more info.

These links will give you a good overall perspective of the colloidal silver story. Included are the most informative and popular non-commercial sites as well as a few retail sites that have some useful infoo

1. Coyote Zenterprizes - Silverpuppy

Colloidal Silver researcher and generator designer Ken Steckenrider (also known as 'Ode Coyote') builds the Silver Well and also makes the famous Silver Puppy, available in North America. It is automatic, compact, versatile and convenient. This Current Controlled Colloidal Silver Generator produces a fine clear and stable Colloidal Silver solution. Shop around and compare. Now you can make your own CS with a highly regulated automatic process that produces a clear and stable colloidal silver for much less than comparable colloidal silver generators and for much much less than buying colloidal silver at the local health food store or on the web. Ken Steckenrider says "To date I've only found 2 others that were comparable anywhere on the planet and they both work the same way with pretty much the same parameters... but cost more". Buy this system if you live in North America.


It's a bit of a mess to navigate but its probably the biggest Colloidal Silver information site around, and one of the better ones. Not allied to any CS makers. Claims to be "the most comprehensive and objective source of information on isolated colloidal silver colloids and ionic silver solutions in the world".

3. The rediscovery of a super anti-biotic?

"Colloidal Silver - The Rediscovery of a Super Antibiotic". I don't know where it originated but you'll find this used and abused document 'cut and pasted' onto lots of sites and pamphlets. Includes Uses and Doses, although its dated. A handy summary of the Colloidal Silver phenomenon.

4. Here's a great example of what to beware of!

$100 for 3 batteries in a plastic box. Or up to $200 for the same thing powered by a $15 wall transformer! Unfortunately there are lots of generators like this on the market. This pic shows you whats in the plastic box...virtually nothing! Some still recommend putting salt into the distilled water to produce silver chloride. Yuk!... and solely using 'time' to judge ppm is a complete lottery. Save your money. If you don't care too much about the quality of the CS you drink then just buy 3 batteries and some pure silver wire and build your own generator.

Note. The seller of this particular generator also offered gold wire but there's no way this thing would make colloidal gold. (See link 16 for more info on colloidal gold.)

One rip-off merchant in the US was actually selling the 'plans' to make a generator like the one pictured for $45. (Thats just for the plans!). Or complete 'ready made' generators for $180 US. That's about $200 Australian! And he's including 'electrolyte tablets' (probably just salt tablets) to boost the conductivity so it will work faster. Thats just plain reckless - it produces a mass of silver chloride.

Also beware of so-called 'generators' that are no more than a cheap transformer (like you use to recharge your phone) with two silver wires stuck on the end. They are no better than a basic battery in a box design. See BUYER ALERT 2 at the bottom of our D.I.Y Designs page.

And if you seen all the hype and promotion for the so-called 'micro-particle' generator, check out this...
'Inside the Silver Edge'

4. Electrical Systems around the world.

Nothing to do with colloidal silver, but I find it interesting anyway...

This is a good site too. (Click on the country to see the plug syle.)

The Silver Well will plug into any of the white or black power point adaptors on this page...

And here's a convenient cross reference guide for 'button' batteries ...

The first link lists many model numbers that are compatible and interchangable.

The second link provides dimensions for common button batteries together with the applicable Maxell and Energiser model numbers. You can then reference back to the first link for other brand model numbers that are compatible.

5. Ions, atoms and charged particles.

Heres an excellent scientific paper about the technical nature of colloidal silver. Its from Colloidal Science Labs, the company mentioned in link 8 below.
Ions, atoms amd charged particles.pdf

8. Colloidal Science Laboratories.

Scientific information about silver colloids. This site is owned by a company that produces Mesosilver, a colloidal silver with a very high particle content, so it is highly biased in favor of 'particulate' colloidal silver. Nevertheless it is an outstanding site with informative FAQ's and explanations of scientific terminology. It also has an extensive list comparing commercially produced colloidal silver. (U.S. brands). Some are revealed to be little more than plain water.

Important Note: The brochure offered on the 'Publications' page as a free download (Silver Colloids - Do they work?) is highly supportive of 'particulate' colloidal silver but it has a serious flaw. The author, Ron Gibbs, believed he was studying highly particulate colloidal silver, when in fact it was highly ionic. (Similar to Silver Well CS). This admission is only revealed on the site's FAQ's in a question concerning the colour of Mesosilver.

Quote from the silver-colloids site:

"Regarding the dark color of high particle surface area colloids"
Question: Dr. Ronald Gibbs booklet states that high-quality Colloidal Silver is colorless, but the highest particle surface area colloid in the tabulations is dark in color, why this discrepancy?

Answer: The material in Ron Gibbs book is slightly dated. Ron died in May 2000 and the book material was frozen about a year before. For example, the samples that Ron tested, some of which were made for him in the Colloidal Science Lab. Inc.(CSL) were believed by Ron to be at least 50% colloidal when in fact they were mostly ionic (typically 90%). The methods developed at CSL to determine ionic vs. particle concentration were just being developed at the time Ron wrote the book and so he was not fully informed about the ion/particle ratio of the test samples and consequently made some erroneous assumptions. Ron assumed the sample were at least 50% particles when they were only 10%.

So in fact Ron Gibbs was proving that IONIC silver works.

9. Where does it go when you drink it?

"The Altman Study. Colloidal Silver: Where does it go when you drink it and how long does it stay there? A study by Roger Altman". This research basically concluded that silver is eliminated from the body (mainly in urine) almost as fast as it is consumed. And, after ceasing to ingest, what little remained in the body would be 50% eliminated within 20 days and 100% eliminated within 100 days. "The completion of this study marks the first real step toward conclusive evidence that the risk of colloidal silver toxicity is negligible. It can be stated with extreme confidence that a body, under normal conditions, does not retain colloidal silver in bodily tissues in any form, especially if the daily colloidal silver consumption is 2 mg or less (more than twelve ounces [350 mls] of 5 ppm colloidal silver daily) for reasonable periods of time." (Quote from silvermedicine .org) Note: this link goes straight to a PDF which might take a minute to load.

10. Testimonials Galore!

Colloidal Silver: Facts and Fallacies. Another big colloidal silver website. Apparently independant, it has plenty of info and heaps of links to other useful sites. HAS A HUGE TESTIMONIAL FILE.

11. Where are all the blue people?

When you investigate colloidal silver on the net you will come across the word 'argyria' so often you will wonder why the world isn't full of blue people. But in fact its usually the same few cases of argyria being recycled over and over again....

(Sorry, site no longer available).

Also read our own 'Controversies' page for details about Paul Karosan.

12. Proof that colloidal silver kills bacteria.

Heres a list of over 100 medical, scientific and other credible documents that prove that silver has antimicrobial properties.

And here, The Oxford Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy is in no doubt about the safety and killing power of silver... "The antimicrobial activity of small amounts of metal, known as oligodynamic action, has been known for a long time and is the basis for the development of many therapeutic agents... Recently, ionic silver substances have been resurging again in popularity. What makes silver unique in comparison with other antibiotics is the fact that it has no toxicity and carcinogenic activities."

And mice have been successfully nebulised with silver.

And heres a peer reviewed study appearing in PubMed indicating CS might be both effective and safe.
The full paper is here...

13. More tests proving the germ killing power of colloidal silver

Link 8 above is a site that is very 'pro-particles', but this link shows the other side of the 'Particles vs Ions' coin. These studies suggest the ionic component of colloidal silver is more potent as a germ killer than the particle component. "Normally, when cs fails to kill a bacteria or virus, the problem can be solved by increasing the ionic strength. As Steve Quinto shows, a weak CS has little effect on bacteria, but increasing the strength kills 'em dead". (Quote from Mike Monett).

This following link takes you to a recent in-vitro study that specifically states it's the ions that kill the germs. This study was accepted by Pub Med, a service of the US National Library of Medicine. PubMed is considered a 'reliable source' for articles in Wikipedia.

And heres even more recent research indicating its the ions that are the most potent ingredient in colloidal silver...

"Rice University researchers have settled a long-standing controversy over the mechanism by which silver nanoparticles, the most widely used nanomaterial in the world, kill bacteria."

14. Horses, dogs, cats and birds

Here's some links to animal and pet groups who have a particular interest in alternative therapies, including colloidal silver, for their animal companions.

15. Colloidal Silver Chemistry

Heres a pretty good theory of the chemistry of colloidal silver, and how it does what it does. Note the paragraph on silver compounds refers to potential problems created by using ordinary tap water, not distilled or demineralised water. Also note this very important phrase ''Ionic silver has the proven ability to cause DNA to dedifferentiate or revert back to stem cells''. You need to study that a little bit to really understand the possible implications.

16. Colloidal Gold and Copper. A warning...

Colloidal gold and copper purchased commercially in bottles is very expensive and the strengths are usually pretty low, so the chance you are going to ingest too much of that stuff is probably small. But if you can make and drink large amounts of much stronger stuff for just a few cents per litre then the chance of overdosing becomes much greater. This is something you really need to consider before heading in that direction. The benefits and risks of colloidal silver have been well established over nearly a century of use, but that is not the case with gold and copper . If you start making and drinking too much colloidal gold or copper you are in unknown territory. You are a guinea pig. How much is too much, and what are the dangers?.. .no-one really seems to know. I'd suggest you do plenty of research before going down this track.

GOLD. A low voltage colloidal silver generator like the Silverwell cannot make colloidal gold. You need much higher voltages or various additives in the water. You can find videos aboutf colloidal gold manufacture on Youtube, but personally its a bit too experimental for my liking.

COPPER. A low voltage generator like the Silverwell will make colloidal copper but I do not recommend it for human consumption. Copper toxicity can cause serious health problems. (Its easy to Google this). Copper deficiency is extremely rare so the likelihood that you need a copper top-up is remote. Personally I wouldn't touch it.

17. 'Diagnose-me' health advice

Here's a great site for researching various medical conditions and what you might be able to do about them. Often the easiest way to find it is to simply type 'diagnose-me' followed by the key words into Google. (e.g. diagnose-me copper toxicity). Another site called 'digitalnaturopath' uses the same 'Analyst', so typing digitalnaturopath followed by the key words into google will also take you to the same site. Or just click the following link then type your key word or phrase into the search box. Then check the 'Diagnose-me' box and hit 'enter'.

18. Vitamin and mineral advice

Here's the best site I have found for advice on vitamins and minerals. The U.S Institute of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements. It includes recommended daily intakes, signs and risks of deficiency or excess, and natural sources. Click the link and type the keyword (e.g. selenium) into the search box on the right hand side then click to one of the fact sheets.

19. Health-Science-Spirit by Walter Last

This site contains a wide range of articles, essays and books that may be useful to overcome specific diseases and improve health through natural, holistic, and spiritual healing methods. It also offers a spiritual philosophy of science. Written and regularly updated by Walter Last, a Nutritionist and Natural Therapist with 3 decades of clinical experience.

20. Benefits of Sublingual delivery.

Sublingual (under the tongue) delivery is a well researched and recommended method to improve absorption of many medicines. I think colloidal silver particularly benefits from this method because it is taken directly into the blood stream in a more pure form before it mixes with stomach juices that may neutralize it. Of course only a small portion of the CS will be absorbed, but every bit helps, and the rest is swallowed anyway so theres nothing to lose by trying it.

21. microelectricitygermkiller... for Pulsers, Zappers, Godzillas etc.

Pulsers, Zappers, Godzillas, Rife, Beck, and Hulda Clark devices. If you've been researching colloidal silver you've probably also seen these gadgets mentioned here and there. What the heck are they? This yahoo group is probably the best place to get good free advice. The simplest, cheapest and possibly the most effective device is a 'Godzilla' ... it's just a battery with two home-made wires that you connect to your wrist for 5 minutes. Start by going into the Files section for a file called Frequently Asked Questions. It will give you a quick overview of each device.

If that link doesn't work, try this one. Yahoo have stuffed up their Groups so I think the members might have moved here...


Heres my Free Tinnitus Cure! (Nothing to do with colloidal silver).

Well maybe it's not a cure but it's free and it certainly helped me.

Here's my story. About 7 years ago, after too much time spent with noisy power tools, I developed significant Tinnitus. The noise in my head was so distracting I could barely watch TV, and I couldn't hear real rain on the roof because the 'rain' in my head was too loud. Tinnitus is a pretty scary condition when it first hits you. You honestly wonder how you are going to live with it. You hear stories of tinnitus driving people to the brink of madness and you don't doubt it at all. You'll also probably read that tinnitus is incurable, so all-in-all its a pretty depressing condition.

Naturally I looked for a some kind of relief. I bought a book on-line that supposedly offered a solution. After 40 pages of waffle it eventually told me to take Ginko and some other herbs. I tried that. It was a waste of time and money. I was also bombarded with on-line solutions for other 'special formulas' and physical solutions such as anti-tinnitus hearing aids and headphones, all very expensive and not really a cure anyway.

Eventually though, after plenty of research, I decided to do my own thing. I decided that I would not accept that tinnitus was incurable and I refused to believe that my ears could not heal themselves - to some extent at least.

After just a few weeks of this protocol my Tinnitus reduced enormously, and nowadays I don't even notice it at all unless I really 'listen' for it.

3 simple steps that could help you recover from Tinnitus....

1. It's absolutely essential that you do not continue to damage your ears!

Give your ears a chance to heal! Always wear hearing protection whenever you are working with anything louder than a cordless drill. If you want to reduce your Tinnitus you must NEVER get careless about this even if you are doing something as simple as hammering a few small nails. I keep 3 or 4 pairs of these lightweight hearing protection 'headbands' around the house and workshop so that they are always in easy reach. They are very cheap (about $7 at Bunnings), comfortable, and very effective for all but the loudest noises. They are so effective because you'll wear them a lot more than you'll wear bulky, uncomfortable ear muffs. They are so convenient that I often forget I'm even wearing them. (The easiest and fastest way to wear them is 'stethoscope style' with the loop hanging in front of your neck).

2. Keep your ears clean, and always dry your ears after every shower.

The main thing stopping your ears from healing is bacteria. Water and grime is a great breeding ground for bacteria. It's essential to keep your ears clean and dry. After every shower I dry my ears with these 'cotton bud on a stick' thingys. I probe pretty deep to dry out the water. You have to be careful of course not to damage your eardrums, but it's safe if you are gentle and patient. And it only takes a few seconds anyway. (You'll hear it said that you should never stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ears, but people who say that have never had tinnitus!)

3. Disinfect your ears with Methylated Spirits. (Also called Denatured Alcohol in some countries).

Methylated spirits is a very powerful disinfectant. (It's the cold stuff that is usually rubbed on skin before you get an injection). You can get it at any supermaket or hardware store. A few drops of 'Meths' in your ears once or twice a week works wonders in my opinion. It really knocks out the bacteria and gives your ears a chance to repair themselves. Applying it is as easy as dipping your finger in a little jar of the stuff then dripping it into your ears while your head is tilted. You should also work it all around your outer ear and lobe to make the whole area a bacteria free zone. 'Meths' evaporates fast so you don't need to dry it.

I'm sure this simple protocol of keeping my ears dry and bacteria-free has virtually eliminated my tinnitus and probably saved my sanity. I hope you'll give it a try if nothing else is working for you. And please let me know if it helps you.

Cheers, David.


23. MRSA

(I'm risking a nasty letter, or worse, from the TGA for even mentioning a disease on this site but I think this is valuable information. DMSO is Dimethyl sulfoxide. A product that aids absorption. You can Google it for supplies in Australia. Discuss the safety issues with a good supplier prior to using it. Its not real cheap but, using the formula below, a little would go a long way.

From: Brooks Bradley
Date: Wednesday, 23 June 2004
Subject: CS/ MRSA cure? Comment

About three years ago we conducted rather extensive evaluations for effectivity of colloidal silver on MRSA (presenting both topically and as epithelial tissue challenge in the throat).

We investigated a consequential number of protocol variations. ALL those including colloidal silver proved acceptably effective.

However, the most effective single protocol, utilizing a minimum number of total ingredients, revealed to be one including nothing more than 75% 10 to 20 ppm colloidal silver (by volume), 10% full-strength DMSO (by volume) and 15% Glycerin (by volume).

Our results displayed to be (in comparison to the general anecdotal information in the posted article) equal or superior in time response to those claimed by the authors of the information appearing in web posting at Mr. Rense's site.

My comments are not designed in any way to denigrate the very useful/effective results achieved by the gentleman at the center of this disclosure.

It is quite pleasing to observe the demonstrated success of the "untaught medical savage" in addressing the very real, and threatening, challenge of MRSA in contrast to the ineptitude and poorly designed/executed research machinations of the U.K's reigning Phamaceutical Convention. :>)

Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.

Harborne Research Foundation

From: Indi
Date: 10 December 2008 8:45:33 AM
To:, Brooks Bradley
Subject: CS>Success!

It's been one week today since I started using the protocol reported by Brooks Bradley for treating my MRSA; i.e. using 75% CS, 10% DMSO, and 15% glycerine both topically on my affected areas (legs, feet, back, neck, and arms) and snorting it from a nasal spray bottle. I am also drinking 8 ounces a day of straight CS.

Three days ago I found I no longer need my cane to walk. I no longer need to take frequent "breaks" to put my feet up. All inflammation is now gone, and the purplish splotches which have covered most of my affected areas for the past few years (I looked like a burn victim) are returning to a healthy color. My energy levels are nearly as high now as they were before I became infected. I am sleeping well again. For the first time in six years, I feel pretty much like myself again!

This infection had practically made an invalid of me. For the past 10 months I was able to keep it somewhat under control using only CS topically and internally. This kept me out of the hospital and off antibiotics, but I was still very limited in my strength and energy, and in how much time I could spend on my feet before the symptoms would flare up. My symptoms included red to deep purple skin discoloration, swelling, itching, boils, cellulitis, fever, pain, labored breathing, and lethargy.

The doctors were no help, and for nearly six years I was in and out of the hospital on IV vancomycin and other antibiotics, every two to three months. The antibiotics would appear to "fix" the problem, but symptoms always returned within a few weeks. When the doctors insisted on amputation of my right leg in January 2007, I simply stopped going to see them. With no treatment at all for roughly two weeks, the infection spread to my other leg, back, arms, and neck. At that time I expected to die shortly, and decided that would be preferable to a life of misery and hospitalization. I did not believe amputation would rid me of MRSA, and I knew the drugs couldn't either.

It was then that a friend bought me my first bottle of CS (it was MesoSilver).

Using the straight CS stopped the symptoms from getting out of control, but it did not eliminate the infection. From my body's response to this new treatment which I read about in an email from Brooks Bradley to this list I now feel confident that this infection will be cured altogether in a short time.

I am using my home-brewed CS, "Now" brand 100% vegetable glycerine, and unbranded 99% pure DMSO intended for veterinary use and distributed by FWI of Tulsa, OK. I bought the glycerine and the DMSO from

Thank you Brooks Bradley and thanks to Mike Devour and everyone on the Silver list. You have given me my life back. :)

I hope that this will be of help to others suffering as I did, and if anyone knows a good place to repost this message where it might help others, they have my unconditional permission to do so.

Thanks again,

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