+ $5 postage.

1000 ppm Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Gel. 250 grams.
$50 and $5 standard postage in Australia.

The strongest Colloidal Silver Gel available in Australia and the only colloidal silver gel listed with the TGA. 1000 ppm Guaranteed! Big 250g pot.

Try it for relief from the symptoms of medically diagnosed shingles, mild psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, heat rash, burns, fungal infections, allergies, cuts, bites, scratches, itches and more. (TGA  Listing number: Aust L 318342).

Most colloidal silver gel offered on the net is barely stronger than the silver water you would drink. We believe, for external use, you need something much stronger so we developed our own extra strength gel.

Go to the '1000 ppm Gel' page for more details.

Australian buyers... Buy 2 or more of these and you will only pay $5 postage but you will automatically be upgraded to Express Post at no extra postage cost.



Express Post is available as a $5 optional extra if you are buying just one jar of our 1000 PPM Gel. Click the BUY button at left to add Express Post to your shopping cart. (Available in Australia only).

NOTE: If you are buying 2 or more Gels you will automatically receive Express Post at no extra cost so you do not need to click this button.

Silverwell 1000 ppm Extra Strength Gel is also available on Ebay and Amazon.

Colloidal Silver Gel as a wound dressing.
Reseach published at the US National Library of Medicine proves colloidal silver gel was effective in preventing biofilm infections caused by both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus.
Click here to read more.

Are you skeptical about colloidal silver? Are you wondering if it's
based on science, or is it just wishful thinking?
Stop wondering. Here's a list of over 100 medical and scientific documents that prove that silver has
antimicrobial properties.
Research Here.

And this recent review presents a compilation of products utilizing silver for its bactericidal
properties, patented in the decade 2007 to 2017.
Click here to download PDF.

YOUTUBE VIDEO... Metals Vs Bacteria
Even before we knew what bacteria were capable of, we were using certain metals to fight them.
Hank Green explains how on this episode of SciShow. .
Click here to view


Silver Well Australia will continue to service any existing sales and we will continue to sell spare parts such as electrodes and globes (and our very popular Gel) but Generators will only be available direct from Coyote Zenterprizes in the U.S.A.


Coyote Zenterprizes sells these items as individual components, not as a complete kit. Their generator is called a 'Silver 9' not a Silverwell.

The following information describing the Australian Silverwell kit has been left here as a guide only.

The products, features, and services provided by Coyote Zenterprises
may vary from what is shown here.


Colloidal Silver in health food stores is now $40 to $50 a litre. With Australia's Silver Well you can EASILY make Colloidal Silver at home that's as good or better than the CS you buy in the shops. Distilled water is only about a dollar a litre so you'll pay for your Silver Well in just a few days!

Here's the only colloidal silver generator in the world that offers all of these features and provides the lab results to prove the quality...


After testing many Colloidal Silver Generators we believe the Silver Well is the best generator available anywhere in the world. It's also the best value. No other system offers so much for the price. It's easy to use, fully automatic, and makes beautiful clear colloidal silver that contains safe, trace amounts of silver. The Silver Well is made by Coyote Zenterprizes in the USA. Coyote has made over 30,000 generators and has constantly upgraded the circuitry so that you can make the best colloidal silver at home. (Better even than most of the CS you buy in the shops).

The Silver Well Generator is pictured here on a 200g (700 ml) Moccona coffee jar. The jar is sitting on the optional Silver Well Thermal Stirrer Base.

• Over 30,000 sold in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, U.S.A. and Europe.
• Its the best value, fully automatic, current controlled Generator anywhere!

The Silver Well makes a litre of 12 to 20 ppm* Colloidal Silver in a few hours, then turns itself off automatically. It's a genuine 'set and forget' system.

Shown above is the Silver Well Generator. • Two 18cm (7") 99.99% pure silver electrodes. • Jar adaptor disc • •24vDC Transformer • Optional thermal stirrer base.
You just supply the jars* and the water.

(*12 to 20ppm is the usual strength for drinking but you can actually make any strength you like, even very high strength colloidal silver for topical use. You can use any size or shape jars from about 250mls to 2 litres).

We show you what's in the box!

We tell you more about how our generator works than anyone else on the net! We show you pictures of it inside and out. And we show you how it really looks when it's fully set up. If someone else is not telling you and showing you all this, ask yourself why?

Ionic silver Vs 'true' colloidal silver.
There's not much truth being told!
Here's the facts....

FACT 1. The silver water that most people have been making, using, praising, and calling 'colloidal silver' for the last 20 years is really a mixture of silver IONS and COLLOIDS (particles) in roughly an 80% / 20% ratio. This means that the stories you have heard over the years about the benefits of colloidal silver have actually been about a liquid that is overwhelmingly IONIC not COLLOIDAL.

FACT 2. There is no CLINICAL evidence whatsover that silver colloids are more beneficial than silver ions. (Clinical evidence means a 'human trial', not a test tube experiment). It may even turn out that a product that is purely colloidal is less, not more, beneficial than an Ionic/Colloidal mix.

FACT 3. Most of the LABORATORY research suggests that silver IONS (symbol Ag+) are the active ingredient in colloidal silver.

FACT 4. Without any clinical evidence, and in spite of laboratory and anecdotal evidence to the contrary, some promoters are nevertheless trying to convince you that only the 'colloidal' portion of colloidal silver is beneficial and that you should use their product because their colloids are somehow 'truer' than everyone else's. (Most often these 'true' colloids are created simply by adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to ionic colloidal silver).

CONCLUSION. The 'ions Vs true colloids' issue has been totally misrepresented by people who either don't know what they are talking about or are deliberately trying to mislead you with pseudo-scientific gibberish. There's no good reason to want a purely colloidal product (a so-called 'true colloid') over one that is an ionic/colloidal mix. In fact it may even be counter-productive. The most proven type of colloidal silver, and the easiest to produce, is an ionic/colloidal mix as made by a Silverwell (or any other good colloidal silver generator). This gives you the best of both worlds; COLLOIDS AND IONS TOGETHER in one solution.

Coronavirus Vs Silver Ions.
Some researchers believe silver ions are so potent against coronavirus that it's effective even
when its embedded in plastic .
Click here to read more.

MORE RESEARCH. It's the silver ions that do it!
Rice University researchers have apparently settled a long-standing controversy over the mechanism
by which silver nanoparticles kill bacteria. It's the ions they say, not the particles that are potent.
A Silverwell makes colloidal siver thats about 85% ionic.
Click here to learn more.

Are you skeptical about colloidal silver? Are you wondering if it's
based on science, or is it just wishful thinking?
Stop wondering. Here's a list of over 100 medical and scientific documents that prove that silver has
antimicrobial properties.
Research Here.

And this recent review presents a compilation of products utilizing silver for its bactericidal
properties, patented in the decade 2007 to 2017.
Click here to download PDF.

Nice! Drugs combined with silver nanoparticles are
more effective against brain-eating amoebae

A major challenge in the treatment against the infections caused by these amoebae is the discovery of novel compounds that can effectively cross the blood-brain barrier to penetrate the Central Nervous System....
Click here to read more.

EVER into the use of silver in medicine?...
'Silver Enhances Antibiotic Activity Against Gram-Negative Bacteria'.
Scientists affiliated with Boston University, Harvard University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute have found that combining silver with anti-biotics may boost the effectiveness by 1000 times!
So far these are just laboratory experiments using mice but it sure is interesting....
Click here to learn more and more.

BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists discover a more complicated way
to make colloidal silver!
Maybe they should have just bought a Silver Well.
Click here.

What about claims that CS has serious side effects?
Take a few minutes to gather some simple facts.

Read why some people drink way too much silver and get argyria. The mistake they make is easy to avoid.
You've heard of Paul Karosan?..the famous Blue Man. Read what they don't tell you in the TV interviews.
Click here to learn more.

Has colloidal silver been banned in Europe?
No it hasn't, but that story has been eagerly embraced and spread by scaremongering critics of colloidal silver. In fact colloidal silver is still available throughout Europe pretty much as it always was.
The only thing that was 'banned' was any LABELLING that described the product as a 'dietary or nutritional supplement'. Colloidal silver was just one of dozens of alternative health products that had to change their labels when new 'Codex Alimentarius' regulations (basically, 'food standards laws') were adopted in the EU on Jan 1, 2010.

Macropod (Kangaroo) Healthcare and Medicinals
Lynda Staker has put her lifes work and her life savings into these extraordinary manuals about kangaroo care, and has some very interesting comments about colloidal silver.
Click here to read more.

And for something completely different
here's my free Tinnitus 'cure'
Click here.

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Customer Feedback.

I'm blown away..
I have been reading your web site and am blown away with the in depth information and support you provide for everything Colloidal Silver - thank you. I have been hunting for some time for a reliable and safe Colloidal Silver generator and am so excited to have found you
P.A., Tallebudgera Qld

So glad I bought it.
The Silverwell is a fabulous, user friendly generator. I was so amazed at how quickly I got back on top as soon as I started nebulising CS. Before that, nothing was working for me. Thanks for your time and assistance. So glad I bought it.
J.M., Mt Evelyn Vic.

A heartfelt thank you for your openness & gifting of knowledge in regards to the making of colloidal silver. As a newbe to the DIY brewing process & looking for answers your site jumped out at me. 'Awsome, you guys have got it nailed !!'
P.M., Laggan N.S.W.

I am thrilled with the performance of the Silverwell Thermal kit! I have put it through it's paces...almost everyday...168 Batches of 1100ml...Ave. ppm 28, and the Silver-Well functions perfectly. I will most likely, be ordering another Silverwell in the next months...Hope this note finds you well...Here we are doing very well as are about 30 others using my Silver Water. I get lots of enjoyment seeing the results of others using the Water...have many happy and healthy family, friends, and neighbors.
S.M., West Java, Indonesia

Over 200 x 1100ml batches, Ave; 33ppm, with the Original Wire. Outstanding performance!
M.S., Gosford, N.S.W.

I'm a healthy 78 year old.
I originally bought from you years ago because of your outstanding website. There is so much useful information on it with every detail you could possibly want; by far the best site on the subject on the Internet. If anyone asks me anything about CS I always refer them to you. Congratulations on providing such an important service.
J.R., Gold Coast QLD.

I'm really happy.
I'm not sure when I bought my Silver Well (about 2 yrs ago I think) but it's the best investment I've ever made. I make Silver for myself, family & friends. It's a pity you can't publish the things it fixes.
B.H., Nerang QLD.

Excellent site.
I have referred literally dozens of people to your site as being, in my opinion, the best of its kind on the web. Thank you so much for all the material available there.
J.H., Lowood QLD.

A great resource.
Your infographic depicting the progress of the electrolysis process was probably the single most informative thing I encountered in many hours of researching. So thanks again
M.C., Canberra. ACT.

Excellent product.
So much better quality than the bought product,with far better results. Very prompt ..extremely helpful ..very easy to contact if a problem arises. Wish you all the best and sincere thanks and gratitude to you..I'm definately glad I bought this product.
D.D., Adelaide. S.A.

When I decided to purchase a Generator I researched the various brands available and am pleased to say I am totally satisfied with my decision to go with the Silver Well product. I also highly recommend the TDS meter, I would not be without it and it is so well priced compared to other brands..
J.N., Stanmore Bay. N.Z.

We are really happy with the generator we purchased, have to buy one now for the Father in law! We also had good success with our sick puppies with Parvo, (you may remember I phoned you regarding them a while ago) three out of four of them survived after dosing them up with colloidal silver, the vet was amazed, he had never heard of it.
R.S., Sarina. QLD.

Many Thanks!
After reading on your site a few weeks ago that it is recommended the CS be taken neat and held in the mouth before swallowing, I have stopped having it in my juice as I had always done. I can't believe the difference it makes. Many thanks! (An order for 2 kits followed).
P.S., Waterloo. N.S.W.

Please, please PLEASE keep doin' what you're doin'. I have been much healthier since I started drinking silver water.
P.E., Caversham. W.A.

I have bought several generators from Silver Well including one for the UK, which all arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I would recommend this company to anyone.
T.W., Caloundra West QLD.

I had been making good quality cs with a homemade setup which ended up quite high tech and very time consuming. The Silverwell makes things so much easier.
I.B., Upper Hutt. N.Z..

I've purchased two other colloidal generators before but this Silver Well is simply the best I've seen. Good price and great service. Good work guys!!
W.M., Neutral Bay N.S.W.

Very prompt service and delivery of goods which arrived well packed with zero damage and fully operational. No problems. 10/10.
T.W., Strathalbyn S.A.

I am glad that we purchased these items. The full system gives us so much control over the production of CS, and ultimately over our health, with comparatively little extra cost. We could not do without the Silver Well. Thank you for your service and for bringing this valuable product to us.
R.S., Heidelburg Vic.

Great gear. Have converted me from homemade D.I.Y. designs which I loved, but full automation is the way to go for me now.
N.C., Mt Barker S.A.

I demonstrated my Silver Well generator to local friends and gave them a sample of colloidal silver. They ordered their own Silver Well immediately.
M.M., Daylesford VIC.

The product arrived quicker than I expected (as I live in NZ) was well packaged and came with good instructions. I am very happy with my Silverwell generator which is quicker and easier compared to the type I have previously used. My husband and I take about a shot glass full each morning and night. I also make the gel and put it on any and everything.
A.S., Hawke's Bay N.Z.

Very efficient...Replies to e-mails... Goes into depth and takes time to explain. Well done, keep up the good work and strive to keep the prices affordable.
S.R., Wannaup W.A.

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